CAI DENIMORE, more than an artist

Second Life allows us to make real cinetic ideas in its purer expression. Cai moves like a duck to water in this way, developing the cinetism, tinting ideas of the Mono-Ha movement , and looking into the abstract expressionism for the importance of personal feelings.

Cai came to SL in July, 2008. He is a ceramics´sculptor in RL and lives in the United States. 

In RL, Cai works principally skills of the raku movement and alternative methods of low boiling and smoke. His work drinks from the Japanese art and fuses American aborigens´influences, he also collaborates in local communities, educational projects and he also takes part in charitable events. His work has been published, and he really enjoys the workshops of new Young artists.

Close to every work there is a small panel, you should touch it and read the local chat. Then, you can read a poem, an explanation, or a phrase that will help you to understand better these pieces of art

Enjoying the art


Enjoy it!!!!!


3 comments so far

  1. Patricia on


    nice job!


  2. Jorge on

    Hi Cai!

    Do you have your pieces of art in any RL Gallery?

    I would like to see them in both ways

    Best rewards

  3. Isla del emprendedor on

    Hi J!

    The truth is I can´t guaratee to answer your question, but I will contact Cai to ask him. He is from the USA so I guess if he expose in a RL Gallery it has to be there. BUt don´t worry because I´m here to inform you, I´ll get information



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